Purchase of new buildings in Moscow: choose 214-FZ

Everyone who is even remotely interested in the situation with the purchase of apartments, about a possible scheme is the sale of new buildings. And he knows that relations between developers and real estate investors are governed by accepted in the 2005 law “On participation in shared construction of apartment buildings and other real estate”, or 214-FZ. The law provides for the signing of a joint construction and, thus, regulates the process of attracting finance buyers for the erection of new buildings and simultaneously increases the responsibilities of developers for its obligations. Meanwhile, not every developer is to carry out hasty legislation. Widespread popularity in the real estate market of Moscow acquired the so-called “gray schemes” sales, significantly increase the risk for buyers. The most common are the preliminary sales contract and bill the apartment scheme. According to the preliminary agreement, until completion of the apartment house listed as a developer. The agreement commits the intention of building a company in the future to provide citizen apartment (which until that time, officially owned by the developer) and conclude with the main contract. But the money for the property the buyer sends the developer has when signing the preliminary contract. The catch is that the preliminary agreement is not registered by the state. This means that the actions of the builder can not control. It is not limited in their ability and can sign a few preliminary agreements, or endlessly delay the timing of construction. About what such a situation can turn to real estate investors, not to say prihoditsya.Na basically signing the preliminary contract and the promissory notes is based scheme apartment sales. From the buyer enter into a preliminary sale agreement and the contract for the sale of promissory notes. The buyer signs the agreement is that it lends money, the builder, which will then be credited to the cost of an apartment. A confirmation of the agreement is issued to a citizen in the hands of a bill, which the developer would have to pogasit. Eksperty warn promissory notes scheme does not mean that the developer is guaranteed to give the buyer an apartment. In fact, the developer agrees to pay the bill in square meters, but in fact no one bothers him to pay the bill in cash. And at the time of new buildings ready buyer may well stay with the discounted amount for the construction of the hands, and no apartment. If the developer declares bankruptcy, the buyer and does not receive anything, because it no one will present a bill to maturity. And one more thing: the bill is not presented for redemption within one year, loses its value, the buyer loses the right to payment of the security. This fact is often used by unscrupulous zastroyschiki. Spetsialisty again reminded: under current legislation, all construction companies in Russia are required to work on 214-FZ. Only such a scheme is able to protect the rights of shareholders. So do not resist the tempting promises of “cheap to buy an apartment,” when it comes to the builder with the reputation of an untested, working on the illegal sales schemes. Security guarantees can be given only one developer, who prefers to act within the law.

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